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Are you a trendsetter?

6 Jul

Are you trailing in a world of google-eyed go-getters trapped in the rat race?Did you ever try to run away from the crazy twists and turns of your life to find refuge in the dark cool shade of some mysterious phenomena that is not known to many of us?This means you must be trying to be a trendsetter who independently creates some ideas that do not get down to the real nitty gritty of the day-today life and others start following them.

It was my grandson’s birthday and I wished to gift him a new jeans pant.When I went to shop to buy one for him ,I found that all the pants had holes and patches.I was in a fix.I asked the salesman what was wrong with the shop.Is the shop infected with rats as we are in a rat race?

“Gosh! Ma’am please don’t make a comment like that . I would lose my job,Ma’am.This is the latest trend ,Ma’am.Wherever you go, you would find the same.”was the reply.

I felt I should be jailed for not staying updated. But how can I forget the trendsetter who had this innovative idea of holes and patches on the pant so that rats would be able to hide in straight inside the lower part of your body? But yes he or she whoever had the idea is really commendable for his or her marketing policy.Later I came to know that those who had sound jeans pants without holes were going to the tailors to cut holes on their pants,though making big holes in their pockets. Wow and the tailors were in the seventh heaven!

Jokes apart take the example of one of my friends who felt she was wasting her life without doing something for the society. She became a trendsetter by cooking different dishes to feed the poor children . She started supplying the food to the orphanages ,to the schools that were meant for the poor children.She became very popular and many of her friends started following her and this became a global cause to help the poor.

Another of my very close friends raised her voice against the torture done to the poor women by their husbands.She started an organisation that ran schools for the illiterate women and also taught them how to earn their livelihood by joining cottage industry.

To sum up a trendsetter must have the guts to meet the challenges that come on his or her way . You cannot restrict yourself to get noticed and to be popular by your creative ideas. You should also do some good to the society . And that’s the real meaning of being a trendsetter!